T&L Tax & Finance Inc.

T&L 'blog 01 [Dec 2017]

Your current federal government is about to tax you to death. The liberal agenda of mass migration, reintegration and bills like M103 will kill us. Those paying taxes will get hit hard. The Liberal government will resort to -- you heard it here first -- imposing a TAX ON LOTTERY winnings. Expect a statement of a 'modest 10%' tax.

We would also like to inform you that the CRA's performance over the last 1-2 years has been abysmal and is declining even further. They are doing many things improperly and sometimes illegally. Contact your MP or us if you are encountering difficulty with CRA, whether it be monetary, inactivity, or unresolved issues. Oftentimes your Minister of National Revenue is RELUCTANT TO HELP or even acknowledge you exist.

T&L 'blog 02 [Jan 2018]

The Canadian federal government and the Ontario government, on top of being essentially useless, are doing some very bad things to us. They affect your taxes, your job, your health and safety. Don't be fooled by stated government rhetoric nor by the fake news media that follows Liberal agendas LIEberals is more like it.They are trying to distract you from what they are really doing quietly. Your CRA is also making more mistakes than ever before, losing work, and taking 5 months just to refund money. Drastic changes need to be made. You now need to scrutinize your tax matters with CRA much more closely to ensure they are also not screwing you.

T&L 'blog 03 [Mar 2018]

Some of the biggest gripes we have encountered this year are due to the loss of the Fitness credit [thank the Liberals], the elimination of the Transit amount after June of 2017 [thank the Liberals during a time they are falsely promoting their climate agenda and bogus carbon tax], and the elimination of the Provincial Tuition credits as of Sept 2017 [thank the Ont Liberals]. Also call CRAs general number and listen to the voice commands if you want a laugh of incredulity. They offer us a promise that tax centres will "return to their usual service standards"! That would be disastrous. Winnipeg is taking 6-12 MONTHS to perform adjustments and assess returns. NOT only is this unacceptable to us, their work is oftentimes incorrect. Fixes take another 6-12 MONTHS! Bombard your MPs with incessant email complaints AND phone calls for even the slightest error by CRA. They should not occur even once.

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