T&L Tax & Finance Inc.

Tony and Liz formed T&L Tax & Finance Inc. together in 2003. The business has grown nicely over the last 19 years. Our offices are located at 3873 Walker Rd.

We are also willing to commit to your personal situation. Unlike the bigger firms, T&L Tax is willing to connect with each client at a personal level. No other business can compare to the personal touch that you receive with T&L Tax.

2015 saw the release of Tony's second book entitled Here's What's Wrong with your Government...and Your Country ...and Your World, which tackles MANY of the issues affecting our world. Previously, in 2011 Tony wrote his first book,
We’ve Seen It All, which talks about the experiences that he and Liz have had dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency. You'd be surprised.

Tony and Liz have also engaged in many charitable fundraisers. The most notable, in 2008, was the "3 Million Pennies Campaign" in and around the Windsor area to benefit the local Humane Society. The initial goal was to raise $30,000 in pennies and it was largely successfully through their hard work and that of Humane Society workers and many schoolkids across Windsor and the county. Almost $29,000 was raised in all from their efforts.

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