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Hello, we are Tony & Liz, the owners of T&L Tax. Our lives are quite busy nowadays as we have a wide range of interests. In addition to working extensively in the business world -- accounting, income tax, business consulting, personal finances, and investments -- we support a number of charitable causes and have taken an active part in fundraising efforts for many of them.

As do most people, we have a variety of causes that we support and wish everyone else did. The majority of our causes involve children and animals because we realize that for the most part children and animals are not in a position to speak for themselves and as such are vulnerable and in a position of trust. We also feel strongly in favour of a better commitment to helping the environment. We remember when we were kids in school that the things we were told would happen if we weren't careful have indeed happened. 

The previous generations did not step up to the plate and we hope ours does for the benefit of all who come after us. The younger generation has the right to expect a safe and friendly environment. The world is a beautiful place; however, there are some people among us who are not helping matters.

If everyone does what they are capable of doing, we will have a future worth waiting for. In the meantime we will continue our efforts raising awareness or funds for things we hold dear.

In our daily work at T&L Tax, we have made it our job to help our clients make money or save money, while tackling the headaches associated with dealing with the government for our clients.


CLICK on any of the links below to learn more. Be advised that clicking on any of these links will bring the reader away from our website to a third party website.


Humane Societies are very important. Take this link to the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society site. Also please visit your city's shelter page often and help them out whenever you can however you can.

Take this link to the CRA's website or this one to the IRS. Knowledge is power.

Looking for a healthier lifestyle? Start researching and consider becoming vegan to learn more about what you can do for yourself, for others, for our planet, and our animal friends. Perhaps a non-gmo or organic lifestyle is for you.

Consider supporting your local food bank throughout the year. All people need some help at some time. Some people need your help year round. Help if you can.

Also please consider supporting worthy organizations like:

     The War Amps

     Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of Canada

     The CNIB

     Childhood Cancer organizations

as they are doing some good in the world.

and ask us how much your donations cut your tax bill -- perhaps you want to take the govt's tax reduction from your donations and give that back to the charities the following years.

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